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Weekend on the east coast

A while ago I spent a weekend alone, all by myself, on the eastern coast in the US.

My hotel was around Philadelphia, and when I started planning my weekend, I thought to myself, how can a casino fan spend a weekend and make the most of it ?

I opened Google maps and saw there are 3 casinos around me (PARX, Valley Forge and Sugar House), all 30 min drive at any direction

I zoomed out a little and saw that 2 hour drive will take me to Atlantic City.

Well, now you are talking.

What can be better than Atlantic City, where some of the game's biggest names made their fame and fortune ?

Atlantic City is the place for me. Let's go.


I parked at the resort hotel and started walking down the boardwalk to look for a casino.

I started at Bally's, and after a quick look at the tables I spotted a dealer just finishing a shuffle so I stayed close and back counted the game.

The count went up so I stepped in to the tabl and after losing several hands in a row, all the money I planned to play at Bally's with, was gone.

I promised myself to play with a limited budget per casino so I can experience more than one place, but the count was still good and the math will prevail.

So I reached to my pocket and cashed in some more and what do you know, variance was now on my side and I ended the session break even.

After couple of hours like this, I stepped out from Bally's and continued to look for places on the boardwalk. All of a sudden I saw a place with low minimum so went in and started playing.

After I received my first natural something with the payout seemed odd, it just didn't add up. The guy to my left looked at me and said, that's OK, you were paid 6:5.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 6:5 on a BJ.

Me ??? This happened to me ?? I consider myself an advantageous player. How can I have missed it ?

I took my 1 unit winnings and quickly left just to enter Resorts hotel.

No other word to describe what happened there other slaughter. I lost, then I lost some more and towards the end came the kiss of death where I lost a little bit more.


Went back to my car and thought to myself that that's it. Its been fun but I am done with my Blackjack adventure.

That's all I could think of during my 2 hour drive back to the hotel. Horrible.


The next day was a new day.

After the horrible last day I needed some time to clear my head so went to Hershey's chocolate factory. Nothing like a 70% cacao chocolate to start the day…

After two hours there, I saw that a local brewery, in Philadelphia, is offering a tour at the brewery + free tastings of their beer, so of course I went there.

After lunch I started walking to my car when right outside the brewery I saw a familiar sign saying Casino. It was the Sugar House casino on the Delaware River bank.

Decided to take a look, and when I entered I looked for the members club's desk to join.

All new members receives free spins on the slots. Yey

Earned the equivalent of one hand in Blackjack and went to the tables.

I wonged for about an hour and didn’t see even one decent count so decided to leave and rest a little. Its been a busy day so far.


After a nice nap, headed to Valley Forge.

Next to the entrance was the members' desk. I signed up and joined the program but still had to pay 10 $ entrance fee that was returned to me as match play.

As a member, when playing I earn points and for different sums of points, I earn different promotions like a bigger match play.

Be sure to redeem your match play coupons the same day you get them, as it might expire the next day (happened to me).

Wonged for about two hours and it was amazing. I won almost every hand I played, Blackjacks, doubling 11 for a 21, so many 20's I lost track. WOW.

Closed the day with a celebration beer.


The following day started with sightseeing the historical center of Philadelphia like independence hall and liberty bell.

When evening came I drove to PARX.

Although I asked, no promotions were offered nor joining a membership program so played a little and wrapped things up for the night.



On Monday morning I looked back at my weekend and was very happy with what I have accomplished and the places I saw as playing time and sightseeing were nicely balanced.

In total I played and wonged for 10 hours in 6 different places on two states for a net of two days and generated a respectable EV.

Except for the one place that offered 6:5 BJ, all rules were the same. The differences between the places were the promotions and membership programs offerings

Be sure to ask for them


Pic of the trip

21nil east coast US land based casino reviews and trip

Land based Casino reviews

PARX Casino

2999 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020, USA

The main thing about PARX is that its huge, a lot of tables with all kinds of games like various blackjack variations

There is a dedicated area for the black chippers

Standard rules : 6D, S17, DAS, DOA, LS, 75-80% Pen

HE for these rules is 0.39%

Minimum is 15$

This is a stand-alone casino, not linked to any hotel

Sugar House

1001 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

When joining the loyalty program you get free spins on the slots that you can exercise on any slots other than video blackjack.

HE for these rules is 0.39%

Standard rules : 6D, S17, DAS, DOA, LS, 75-80% Pen, minimum is 15$

This is a stand-alone casino, not linked to any hotel

Valley Forge Casino Resort

1160 1st Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA

You must sign in and show passport. You can't enter the place without it

Entrance fee is 10$ and is valid for 24h. For the entrance fee paid, you get equivalent match play.

Playing time earns points and the more points you get, the bigger the promotions offered, e.g. bigger match play.

As a guest of the hotel you can get a 25$ match play coupon and if you earn enough points, on the next visit will get you 75$ match play.

Match play coupons are valid for the same day of issuing.

There are plenty of mid-week promotions, from free entrance to a blackjack tournaments, to all ladies night.

Minimum changes during the day. During day time on middle of the week you can find 10$ tables, but after 19:00 the minimum raises to 15$.

Some blackjack variations are available like Spanish 21

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