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21nil land based casino reviews and trips


As I am trying to give you the latest and most up to date information on the different gaming halls I've been to, and that you can find on the Casino Reviews page, still every trip is a story on its own.

Check it out below

The Casino Scene in Bucharest, Romania

I took a 3 day trip to Bucharest, Romania to experience the casino scene that I have heard so much about, and I must admit that most of it was true.

The plan was to play for 2-2.5 days and go see the city for the remaining 0.5-1 day, where my EV was planned to cover my expenses and hopefully make a profit if the goddess of variance is on my side. Read More

Weekend on the eastern coast, USA

A while ago I spent a weekend alone, all by myself, on the eastern seaboard in the US.

My hotel was around Philadelphia, and when I started planning my weekend, I thought to myself, how can a casino fan spend a weekend and make the most of it ?

I opened Google maps and saw there are 3 casinos around me (PARX, Valley Forge and Sugar House), all 30 min drive at any direction

I zoomed out a little and saw that 2 hour drive will take me to Atlantic City. Read More

Anniversary in Budapest, Hungary

Several months ago, the lady and I celebrated our anniversary and for the occasion, she found a good deal for a long weekend in Budapest + Queen concert. Naturally it was only half of the original Queen's cast + Adam Lambert. Read More

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